Hello 2019~Goodbye Regret

Hello 2019~Goodbye Regret

Hi Girls!

I hope you walked away from 2018 into 2019 giving yourself the “job well done” speech and meant every damn word! We enter into the new year with such enthusiasm but by mid-year that fire can die out. I’ll share with you how this happened to me in 2018 and what I did to make sure my fire stayed lit. Keep reading! 

In December I completed my first year of opening a business here in Philly, I felt so proud and accomplished but sadness and depression caught up to me. Proud that I set my mind to something and did it without fear or hesitation but as September approached sadness set in. The first location that started ARX went from three classes a week to one. I was devastated to see class numbers falling and couldn’t figure out why. For months I kept hope that it would turn around but unfortunately it didn’t. We went from 3 sold-out classes a week to 1 class a week which barely reached half capacity. I decided to take a step back and evaluate my options. 

I drove to NYC to clear my mind and get back in touch with where ARX began. I remembered ARX started because of the quality of my passion for dance and motivating others into self-love. I wanted to lose weight doing something that made me feel good around people who supported me during the journey. Immediately I was in a place of gratitude because I realized with hard work I manifested exactly what I wanted. Within that one year I was on NBC, Fox News, magazines, sold out mommy & me class, keynote speaker at 3 engagements, finished a business course, re-built my website by myself, started classes in Center City which are consistently sold-out, approached by media outlets to do wellness segments and my first sold out fitness event. 

I asked myself “why are you sad again?” You should be rejoicing and thankful for EVERYTHING!

During that drive I was given the opportunity to see how far I have come.Grateful for all the opportunities and people. Taking a few steps backwards is not embarrassing it’s powerful. I’ve taken plenty of steps backwards in my lifetime which put me where I am today. Moving forward doesn’t look the same for everyone and nor should it have to. Everyday take a few moments to give gratitude. It will take a lot more effort to stay sad if you’re operating in a place of gratitude. 

If you never jump you’ll never know how high you can soar. 

Happy 2019 Roses! 

Alexis Rose

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