Dance Fitness Level 1

If you're new to ARX Fitness this is the perfect class to introduce you to the Xperience! Great for beginners and intermediate. High energy dance cardio set to the hottest music with the hottest instructors. We will uplift, energize and have you SPARKLE SEXY in no time. This class is a follow along format with a warm-up that targets a different body part each week.
Mon: Abs
Tues: Arms
Wed: Booty
Thurs: Abs
Fri: Arms
Sat: Booty
Sun: Abs

Body Sculpt

ARX Body Sculpt format uses light weights, resistance bands and ankle weights to create a full body Xperience .
This class will help you lay the foundation needed to slay every class. Our sculpt class is low impact and perfect for all levels. Start with a light cardio warm-up then it's lights, action, muscle!

Heated Power Yoga

An introduction to the fundamentals of yoga principles and postures with emphasis on understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. Expect an invigorating full-body flow set to tunes where you’ll explore basic yoga poses and learn to link breath to movement. If you are new to yoga or seeking continued understanding of basic yoga poses this series is perfect for you. *Beginner level/Basic.

Yoga Sculpt

A true whole body experience blending power yoga sequencing, strength training and cardio bursts, ARX yoga sculpt heated combines the foundations and flow qualities of power yoga with the intensity of body sculpt to power up your yoga practice. Set to motivating music, you’ll find rhythm in breath to movement, while strengthening your core and body. *Temperature range may vary, Beginner accessible - Intermediate/Advanced experience a plus