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I’m Pregnant…Again!

Welcoming Baby #3 during a pandemic!

2020 marked a start, shift and new beginning of what we all see today in the world.  For me it was finding out that I was going to be a mommy again to another beautiful baby! Did we plan for this NO! Did we feel prepared NO! But are we ever? NO! With open arms and open hearts we are welcoming our third baby and so HAPPY to introduce him/her to the world!

Having a baby during a pandemic has presented challenges for so many families. With many of us feeling disconnected and separated it’s not easy to celebrate your new bundle of joy with your distant family and friends. Going to the doctor visits are now a solo mission because Dad is not allowed to be there with you.

Nonetheless, we are making the best of it and reminding ourselves of what’s important… Family and Health.

I look forward to continuing to share with you our pregnancy journey!


Alexis Rose


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