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Hello, I'm Alexis Rose.

Hi Friends! I am so excited you’re here. I aim to serve well, love greatly and always cultivate a connection with each and every person I am blessed to cross paths with. I have a big heart and a lot of fun lil’ quirks about me ( don’t we all!)

There are a variety of things that I can’t live without in my life. These are my four pillars of happiness: FAMILY, FITNESS, WELLNESS, HOME DECOR.

The Alexis Rose Xperience brand consists of family, lifestyle, fashion, travel, beauty and more. With over 10 years in the fitness, wellness and social media business, I have an invaluable understanding of engagement and needs of my community.


I aim to be the reason someone is seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.

In 2015, I decided to start my company ARX Fitness. After having my second daughter and gaining over 100 pounds I felt alone, isolated and most importantly unfamiliar with self. Growing up in the dance community I had a sense of connection to mystery  body and having a community that was there for you but this was the first time in my life I felt alone. 

I channeled what I needed and grew my tribe of like-minded women who all wanted and needed the same thing. What started out as just a way to workout and mingle turned into a community of 100 local women starting a movement that would get noticed throughout New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. 

I quit my full-time job at Viacom assisting the SVP and went full-time growing and cultivating my brand. Traveling teaching master classes, inspirational speaking and celebrity private sessions confirmed I was on the right path.

Brand Influncer

Lifestyle & Wellness Expert


Fitness Classes & Workshops

Home Life

Millennial Mom



Brand Partnerships & Ambassador

Alexis Rose is extremely big on transparency and making personal connections with her audience, especially on her Instagram, Facebook. and Blog page. Her YouTube channel highlights an array of style hauls, vlogs. life updates and so much more. Alexis is passionate about being real and authentic with her audience, as she navigates on her journey of influencing and content creating.
As an opinion leader and a tastemaker, I understands the needs of serving a national brand. Book me to represent your brand!

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